Sushanti and her father in a restaurant in Vatican City, Italy, 2011


Night view from her family home balcony in Kuala
Lumpur, growing up

Sushanti Ann Gomez was born and raised in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. From a very young age, she showed a keen interest in art, particularly portraiture, and had an innate skill for bringing feeling and emotion to her work, creating the effect she desired through the eyes and facial expression of her subject.

Her strength in those elements came from her personal experience of ‘absence’ in her life around the year 2011. It was around this time, her art began to mature. Feelings of
disappointment and solitude was expressed in the form of murals on her bedroom wall. She also experimented on the glass brick panels at her home in Malaysia. Inspired by the Fresco’s in Italy, a sparked confrontation was formed with the canvas and further established her connection with her art.

Self Portrait (2021)

Her father encouraged her to explore her creativity through gallery visits, expressing herself in different parts of the home as well as travel in 2011, which allowed her to witness the beauty of traditional classical paintings in Italy. From there, she progressed to pursue an art education in the UK.

There, she would learn the world of contemporary art; understanding critical thinking and theory present in art. Concepts like ‘The Sublime’, ‘Appropriation’ and ‘The Situationist Theory’ (an aspect of art that convey a sense of feeling and emotion) have been key narratives through her work. She would later complete her BA in Fine Art in the year 2020.

She has recently added another dimension to her work viz. customizable Pop Art Pictures
where she approaches her work through colour and humour inspired by her son. She describes her work as that which takes in a subject and adds aesthetic value to it.

Sushanti is now based in Surrey, UK where she lives with her son and partner.